TV star Steve-O injured in stunt gone wrong with UFC legend Jon Jones

The Jackass star planned to induce a ‘cauliflower ear’ like most MMA fighters, but found himself gushing with blood and a serious ear injury after Jones pushed the waterfall too far

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Jackass star Steve-O has told how he had a piece of his ear cut off by UFC legend Jon Jones in a horrific stunt gone wrong.

The TV star is known for his goofy antics on MTV, including gruesome pranks and dares. But he was left spurting blood from his ear after attempting a gnarly stunt with Jones, who at the time had just defended his lightweight title against Dominick Reyes.

Jones, who is a controversial figure in MMA circles for his checkered past outside the cage, was working with Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, for a film shoot in the summer of 2020 when the plan went horribly wrong. turned.

“Jon Jones tried to give me a cauliflower ear,” he recalled with Jones’ former arch-rival Daniel Cormier on his Multifaceted podcast. “So we’re at Jon Jones and he has these dumbbells with the weights.

Steve-O wasn’t too fazed to have a piece of his ear cut off by Jon Jones


Steve O/Instagram)

“We put my ear between the weights, the big rounds on the thing and he nudges them and my ear comes out of there and he’s like ‘that’s it, you got it, that’s a cabbage ear -flower’, and then a few days later, nothing happened.”

The American prankster was frustrated that he hadn’t induced the ear deformation during their filming, so he sought to push the idea further with a more aggressive approach. That’s when his ear gave out

“So the last thing we did, on one of his training machines, I put my ear to the metal base bar,” he continued. “He puts his light heavyweight championship belt on and he puts my ear to this metal thing and he hits it with a hammer.

“A full-fledged Home Depot hammer and it looks like it’s all good and in this sequence the hammer hits it and all of a sudden, a bang, blood splatters under that belt. We all freaked out.

“We watch and sure enough my ear is blown out where a whole piece of my ear is hanging off. And that’s the most intense thing you’ve ever seen, we got a pair of scissors and we just cut this whole piece off my ear. ear. Jon did it, Jon cut it off, just a piece.

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The footage was used for his 2021 ‘The Bucket List’ tour, where he showed off stunts deemed too extreme for the new Jackass movie released this year. He claims it was so graphic that there were fans who passed out after watching it.

“Now you couldn’t even tell,” he continued. “I screened this footage on my to-do list show – I have three clips that can make a grown man pass out.

“Thank goodness I got this streak with Jon Jones because, man, it’s epic. Blood splatters everywhere, he cuts the piece off my ear and it’s the best of both worlds because the streak is crazy because I don’t have to deal with actually having a cauliflower ear.”

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