Tyson Fury says Tommy Fury “looked terrible on purpose” in his latest fight to trick Jake Paul into facing him

Tyson Fury claimed that Tommy Fury deliberately underperformed in his last fight so he could draw Jake Paul to face him.

Tyson’s 7-0 (4 KOs) younger brother will settle his feud with the 4-0 (3 KOs) YouTuber turned boxer on Dec. 18 in Tampa, Fla.

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Tommy wasn’t too impressive in his last fight

In August, they appeared on the same show together.

Jake grabbed the headlines and clinched an eight-round points victory over Tyron Woodley.

Earlier that night on the undercard, Tommy worked for a four-point win over Anthony Taylor.

Taylor, a much shorter man, had once been one of Jake’s training partners.

Woodley pushed Paul harder than any of his previous opponents

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Woodley pushed Paul harder than any of his previous opponents

Tommy was supposed to blow it, but didn’t.

Tyson has now offered an explanation for this.

He told The Lowdown, “Tommy looked terrible on purpose so he could get this fight.

“That’s what smart people do.”

Tyson says Tommy


Tyson says Tommy “looked terrible on purpose”

Speaking to talkSPORT after the press conference, Tommy’s father John Fury said it would be “impossible” for Jake Paul to beat his son and would then target a fight with Logan, the older brother of the social media sensation.

“I have high hopes for him to win the world light heavyweight championship,” said Fury. “The way he’s trained and the clientele he’s trained in the gym are second to none.

“We have Olympians at cruiserweight, we have the top five ranked heavyweights in the world in the gym, we have the top ranked amateur light-heavyweights in the country that come here.

“We can’t lose this, there’s no way Jake Paul could beat this man. Whatever it is, we’re just enjoying it because we’re so lucky to be in this situation before Christmas and it’s going to do it all for the greatest Christmas the Fury’s probably ever had.

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