Utica Police Department says K-9 team will stay


A recent decision by Rome Police Service the disbandment of his K-9 unit as of January 2022 has caused some community members to question the future of other K-9 units in the Mohawk Valley. WIBX asked the Utique Police Department if its leaders discussed the possibility of disbanding their K-9 team.

Sergeant Michael Curley says: “We have no intention of disbanding our unit. The Rome Police Department in New York has said its department will stop using police dogs, at least for now, due to changes in drug laws in the state. Rome PD spokeswoman Lt. Sharon Rood, however, kept open the possibility that the department would once again welcome K-9s trained in areas other than drug detection. The RPD will withdraw its two K-9s, Arko and Spock, both trained in drug detection.

Utica currently has four police dogs. Three are narcotics / patrol trained and one specializes in explosives detection.

Utica Police Department has drawn attention to K-9 Varick’s involvement in multiple arrests and seizure of contraband weapons and drugs following a multi-agency operation last week .

In a social media post, the UPD said the following:

“K-9 Varick assisted a team at a particular targeted location and through the efforts of him and his handler, this team located a large amount of cocaine and weapons.

K-9 Varick and the other dogs are essential to keeping the city safe and a real asset to the Utica Police Department. “

Feedback on the post has been overwhelmingly positive in favor of the dogs in general and Varick in particular.

Utica Police K-9 Varick

Varick, a member of the Utica K-9 Police Unit

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