Western Mass Prospects Fight On Pro Championship Road Map


Western Massachusetts has become a fertile talent pool for boxing prospects and a sextet of talented young fighters from there will be featured on Saturday night, November 13, on Granite Chin Promotions’ “Championship Road” map, broadcast live on bxngtv.com from The Rim in Hampton, New Hampshire.

The undefeated hopes of the “Western Mass. 6 ”fighting on this November 13 card are Holyoke welterweight Denzel“ Double Impact ”Whitley (6-0, 5 KOs) and super welterweight Carlos Castillo (3-0, 3 KOs), the Sumpter Brothers Pittsfield Steve (2-0, 2 KOs), a super middleweight and heavyweight Quinton (1-0, 1 KOs), and Springfield light heavyweight Laurent Humes (2-0, 2 KOs) and weight middleweight Jamer Jones (1-0, 1 KO). Whitley and Steve are in 6 round fights, the other four in 4 rounds.

Granite Chin promoter Chris Traietti, who was associated with the Whitley fighting family for 15 years, was trained for years by Derrick and Darren. Today, he’s promoting Derrick’s son Denzel, whom Traietti has known since Denzel’s childhood.

“I started training with Derrick and Darrin in Holyoke when I was in college at Westfield and his gym was saturated with talent,” commented Traietti.

“It just seemed like there weren’t any promoters out there to give talent a platform and a path to a successful professional career. I hope to change that. Working with Denzel was really easy. I have had a close relationship with the Whitley family for over 15 years. I remember Denzel when he was little bouncing off Derrick’s car while we went to amateur shows. Derrick has been a staunch friend of mine and the least I can do for all he has done for me is to guide his son’s career and bring him to the highest level possible.

“But it’s not just Denzel, but it started with him. Once I started working with Denzel, Carlos, Jamer, Steve, Quintin and Laurent came into the frame from different angles. They are all talented guys and it has been a lot of fun working with each of them. I’m glad their respective coaches trusted me to advance their careers and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Denzel and Castillo train at Whitley Brothers Boxing and Fitness in Holyoke, where they are guided by professional veterans, twin brothers Derrick and Darren Whitley.

“There’s always been a lot of talent here,” Derrick said of Western Mass. Boxing. “These young guys today are a special group. Chris (Traietti) has helped a lot of local fighters by giving them opportunities on shows so they can show off their skills. I worked with Chris and he watched my sons (Denzel and Derrick Jr.) grow up.

“My brother and I learned in the ring, we weren’t properly trained. We came from martial arts and then we got into amateur boxing. We only had about fifteen amateur fights. We trained our guys as amateurs and then we were able to teach them how to box as professionals. It’s fun to train my sons. At first, however, they thought we were intimidating them, but we taught them how to get in and out, slide and move, counter a punch, etc. mental, and it is not easy to do, nor for everyone.

“Carlos is a boxer-puncher. He and Denzel fought together at the amateurs and now he’s part of the family. They are good friends and he married Denzel’s cousin.

Denzel meets John Ferrara (0-1), of Tiverton (RI) in the co-presented 6 round event. Unlike his professional trainers and veterans Father Derrick and Uncle Darren, Denzel becomes much more of a versatile boxer with pop than his close brawlers.

“We’ve always had talented fighters here,” noted Whitley, 26, “but now we have a lot more visibility on that platform (Granite Chin). I’m trying to grow as a fighter to reach the top. 10 and hopefully become world champion but if that doesn’t happen I want to be the best I can be at this sport.

“I don’t know much about my opponent because he only had one fight. Coming from my background and what my family has done in the sport, my last name is a target for opponents, and it would be a good win for him. It may take a few turns, but I’ll adjust to him in the ring and do my job.

Ferrara plans to slow down Whitley’s rapid rise. “After a close loss last year,” said Ferrera, “I wanted to fight someone who had a winning record instead of taking the easy route. Chris Traietti offered me a lot of money to fight one of his top prospects (Denzel Whitley), who hasn’t really been tested as a professional. After discussing it with my new trainer, Libby Medeiros, known to have worked with “Sucra” Ray Oliveira, Scott Pemberton and Jason Pires to name a few, he gave me his consent to take the fight. He came up with a capable feel for our team to run and come out with a big upset victory. I can’t wait to put the pressure on this young man to the test. Pressure makes diamonds or shatters pipes. On November 13, we’ll find out if the hype is real for Denzel.

Castillo (3-0, 3 KOs) faces Anthony Andreozzi of Swansea (MA) (0-1). “We have a lot of talent coming from Western Mass. “Remarked Castillo,” especially now with amateurs turning pro and having opportunities to fight, I think it’s because the dedication of the fighters here is impressive, as well as good conditioning and amateur experiences. . I had never heard of him (Andreozzi) because he only had one pro fight and no amateur experience to my knowledge. If he wants to fight – it’s not my style – but I’ll be ready for whatever he brings in the ring. I’m more of a boxer, but I can fight if necessary.

Andreozzi doesn’t go to Hampton just to get a salary. “Castillo is a very talented boxer, commented Andreozzi,“ which is a big reason I took the fight. My time in the boxing world has been brief, so I don’t have the body of work to deliver a reputation. I seek to use my unorthodox and explosive style to prove my worth to those who might doubt me. Getting into a weight class was a big step for my power and stamina. On November 13, I arrived thicker and smoother, trying to neutralize as much of his strength as I did while taking advantage of mine. My goals are different from many others. I’m not here for the money, the fame, the fame, or the status. I just want a bloody war for both of us, because that’s my happy place in this world.

Steve Sumpter (2-0, 2 KOs) and 2020 New England Golden Gloves novice heavyweight champion Quinton Sumpter (1-0, 1 KO), respectively, face Juan Celin Zapata (6-19-2, 4 KOs) and Woburn’s Wewerson Silveira Silva (0-2).

“Absolutely because of our hunger,” Steve said of the quality of Western Mass. Fighters. “They didn’t get any publicity in Western Mass. So they got overlooked. Not a lot of top guys got out of here. We want it! I will continue to improve as I go. I only saw my opponent a little, but I will eliminate him. This fight will not exceed three (turns).

“The quality has always been good here,” added Quinton. “Although the fighters here haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve, honestly.” Granite Chin has good shows and really promotes his fighters and gives us opportunities. Here, too, you need to give credit to the gym coaches.

“I really don’t know anything about my opponent except that I will be his third fight (pro). It really doesn’t matter. I am confident and will go there to fight or train with anyone. I’m struggling to get a good sparring because there aren’t a lot of super heavyweights here. (NE Heavyweight Champion) Mike Marshall has given me a good job every now and then, but our schedules are different.[tknowanythingaboutmyopponentotherthanI’llbehisthird(pro)fightItreallydoesn’tmatterI’mconfidentandwillgetintheretofightorsparwithanybodyI’mhavingtroublegettinggoodsparringbecausetherearen’talotofsuperheavyweightshallowhere(NEhmeweightgotivenbutimethasomourshallah)[tknowanythingaboutmyopponentotherthanI’llbehisthird(pro)fightItreallydoesn’tmatterI’mconfidentandwillgetintheretofightorsparwithanybodyI’mhavingtroublegettinggoodsparringbecausetherearen’talotofsuperheavyweightshere(NEheavyweightchampion)MikeMarshallhasgivenmegoodworkfromtimetotimebutourschedulesaredifferent”

Humes (2-0, 2 KOs) faces professional debutants from Woburn, Thailisson Nunes, while Jones (1-0, 1 KO) faces Caleb Denham (0-2).

“I really believe that here has become a power base because of the growing number of good fighters,” Humes said. “A few that I started out with as amateurs have started their professional careers and are doing well. We are all undefeated. I think it’s because it’s hard to grow up here in poverty and it made us hungry and boosted our motivation. I get better with every fight and it’s a bigger problem for my opponents.

“Absolutely,” Jones agreed that Western Mass. produces strong prospects. “There is a lot of talent in western Massachusetts. I didn’t have as much amateur experience, but I am able to work with guys who have had 40-50 amateur fights, and a few pro boxers as well. We push each other to do our best.

New England welterweight champion Mike “Bad Boy” Ohan (13-1, 7 KOs), fighter in Holbrook, MA, will take part in his first 10-round bout against Mexican super-lightweight Israel “Filipino Tigre” Rojas (14-24, 5 KOs) in their untitled fight, main event.

Guyana native heavyweight Nkosi Soloman (3-1, 2 KOs), fighter in Brooklyn, is set to face pro rookie Wewerson Silveira Silva in a 6-round bout.

Woburn (MA) middleweight Julien “Black Dragon” Baptiste (3-0, 2 KOs) vs. Providence pro-rookie Alfred “Keenan” Raymond, Chicago’s pro-middleweight debut Devin also fights on the undercard , each intended for 4 rounds. Wright vs. Robert “Golden Boy” Nolette (0-1) of Providence, Lawrence (MA) lightweight “El Gallo” Kevin Rodriguez (2-1, 1 KO) vs. Daron Jenkins (0-5) and Providence (RI) welterweight Damon Towns (3-0, 2 KOs) vs. Chicago’s Calvin Glover (0-2).

Map subject to change.

Tickets priced at $ 60.00 (at ringside) and $ 40.00 (general admission, in addition to tables of four at ringside for $ 260.00, are available for purchase at www.TicketRiver .com (Search: Championship Road).

Doors open at 5 p.m. AND with the first fight at 5:30 p.m. ET.

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