Who wins Anthony Fowler against Liam Smith? DAZN gives his predictions for Liverpool’s big fight


The City of Liverpool are hosting a huge local derby on Saturday – and it’s not Premier League Liverpool FC v Everton this time around.

Anthony Fowler takes on Liam Smith in a battle of two of the city’s favorite athletic sons, and something has to give when it comes to every fighter’s aspirations for the World Championship.

Who will end the evening with a raised hand in victory?

Here’s what our resident fight fans had to say.

Liam Happe: it’s time for Fowler to shine

It’s a big fight to do, full of genuine intrigue, uncertainty and a lot of urgency on the part of both fighters, who will know they can’t really afford to lose such a crucial fight on a so great scene. It’ll likely boil down to one or more intangible factors, which makes it hard to name. For me, however, Fowler will be a little hungrier and perhaps a little more resentful. This is his chance to get back on track for world title opportunities, and I just have a feeling Fowler will want some more.

Prediction: Fowler via decision

Matt Astbury: Smith too experienced

The atmosphere will be boisterous inside the M&S Bank Arena when Liam Smith and Anthony Fowler meet on Saturday evening. Whoever comes out on top will have major implications for their career in the future. For Fowler, a win would make him a legitimate super-welterweight contender, while for Smith, a win would extend his career at the highest level.

For the fight itself, it will be a barn storm and hopefully an unforgettable memory. I predict he will go the full 12 laps and Smith to win on points. Smith is difficult to eliminate with just one knockout loss to his name and it was against Canelo. Fowler’s best chance of victory is to stop or eliminate Liam Smith, but unfortunately I can’t see that happening but it should be another memorable Merseyside derby fight nonetheless.

Prediction: Smith via decision

Steven Muehlhausen: Smith wins the slugfest

We should be in reserve for a great fight. It’s going to be loud and the crowd is going to be ready for the British showdown.

Unlike Fowler, Smith has been in these high pressure situations before against Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia. How will Fowler be able to handle all that comes with a marquee fight? Fowler is going to want to shine and give it all. For Smith, this is his last chance to move up the ranks to secure one last chance to become world champion. Feel like we’re going to see a rock-and-sock-em type of robot fight without any of them giving up an inch. Smith’s experience is going to be too much for Fowler.

Prediction: Smith via decision

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