Winners, news and ratings for October 3, 2022

WWE Raw has announced the signing of a contract between Bayley and Bianca Belair ahead of their match at WWE Extreme Rules. Raw also announced Braun Strowman vs. Chad Gable; Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles vs. The Judgment Day and Riddle and Rollins come face to face. Last weekend, WWE announced that former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier would serve as a special guest referee.

This week’s White Rabbit clues, presumably for Bray Wyatt’s return, involved Samson and Delilah in addition to NXT
starring Joe Gacy.

Last week’s WWE Raw drew 1.674 million viewers.

WWE Raw Results October 3, 2022

  • Judgment Day def. Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles
  • Bobby Lashley won. Mustafa Ali
  • Solo Sikoa beats. Angelo Dawkins
  • Dakota Kai defeats. Candice LeRae
  • Otis beats. Johnny Gargano
  • Braun Strowman defeats. Chad Gable
  • Iyo Sky won. Alexa Bliss

WWE Raw Rankings

  • September 26, 2022 | 1.674 million
  • September 19, 2022 | 1.594 million
  • September 12, 2022 | 1.71 million
  • September 5, 2022 | 2.094 million
  • August 29, 2022 | 2.100 million
  • WWE Raw Venue: Xcel Energy Center (St. Paul, Minn.)
  • WWE Raw tickets distributed: 6,625
  • WWE Raw tickets available: 251

WWE Raw Winners and Match Card

Judgment Day def. Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles

Finn Balor missed a line when he said “last night” instead of “last week”, but he recovered very well. WWE then let it hang as there was an obvious delay in the music cue when AJ Styles cut it off.

Rey Mysterio again refused to punch Dominik Mysterio, and this dynamic is starting to remind me of the first feud between Undertaker and Kane from 1998, where Undertaker refused to fight Kane.

AJ Styles in the Judgment Day might be better for both AJ Styles and Judgment Day, but why would he join the group after exposing it to this degree?

A frustrated AJ Styles teased the tension with Rey Mysterio. Styles then pushed Mysterio to the ground. Meanwhile, poor Rey Mysterio can’t seem to keep a son or a friend.

Bobby Lashley won. Mustafa Ali

There was way too much time spent on behind-the-scenes segments between the first and second game, but both were intriguing. First up, Mustafa Ali – who is becoming WWE’s boy who cried wolf – challenged Bobby Lashley in the most whiny fashion. Then the Street Profits and the Bloodline got into a very entertaining trash war, where Montez Ford was arrested just before saying “Recognize Deez Nuts”.

There was a crazy spot where Mustafa Ali hit a 450 splash on Bobby Lashley’s arm. Fans immediately got behind a (kayfabe) injured Bobby Lashley.

Lashley was trying to play heel as the match progressed in order to make Mustafa Ali an underdog challenger with heart. Mustafa Ali was brutally beaten on the outside, and he barely beat the 10 count. The fans were supposed to cheer the guts of this valiant underdog, but they booed because they really wanted Bobby Lashley to win.

It was another good performance from Mustafa Ali but unfortunately fail and fade away is the story of Mustafa Ali’s career.

Seth Rollins surprisingly attacked Bobby Lashley despite it being the homecoming show for his big Fight Pit match against Matt Riddle. It was an introduction to their face-to-face segment.

Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle, head to head

Matt Riddle tried to sing the Seth Rollins theme to the tune of “Brooo…” but it was in the wrong key and the fans were slow to follow.

Seth Rollins used Riddle’s personal life to get him to punch Rollins, but it didn’t seem to get the heat they wanted.

Of note, Matt Riddle threatened to kill Seth Rollins.

Riddle asking Seth “when was the last time you won a championship” got a much bigger pop than Seth Rollins bringing up Riddle’s personal life. As if AEW hadn’t already taught us, script-based insults are superior to reality-based insults.

White Rabbit Clues (Possible Return of Bray Wyatt)

The last QR code came during the women’s backstage segment that followed this segment. The code linked to a photo of Samson and Delilah.

Behind the portrait of Samson and Delilah was a link to an additional portrait of Samson destroying the Philistine temple. The watermark number on the photo “6901209258022” linked to the “White Rabbit” milk. Bray Wyatt has made past references to Samson and Delilah, which backfired on her lover the same way Alexa Bliss turned on Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 37.

A binary code on the QR Code website spelled out the term “Gacy”. Gacy later changed his profile picture to reflect defaced images in the Firefly Fun House.

Dakota Kai defeats. Candice LeRae

Unlike Johnny Gargano, WWE is going to have to start from scratch to get fans to tune in and learn more about Candice LeRae.

Candice wasted no time in recovering from this match, with fans chanting “Candice” in the climax of the match.

Amazingly, Candice LeRae lost after only her second match.

Otis beats. Johnny Gargano

Chad Gable had a Twitter promo against Braun Strowman, and thankfully WWE aired it on national television.

After back-to-back defeats for the first time, it will be a quiet ride to the next city for the Gargano tonight.

Braun Strowman defeats. Chad Gable

Braun Strowman really got that crowd moving after sending Chad Gable out before the game started.

Omos watched intently as the countdown to his inevitable loss to Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman is arguably the #2 babyface on Raw behind Bobby Lashley. And that’s a close second.

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley Contract Signing

Bayley was cutting a great promo on her babyface journey with a ponytail, but sadly, those fans weren’t interested. Bayley fought off the “what” chants and tried everything to get them to stop without addressing them directly.

Minnesota fans didn’t give Bianca Belair much more energy, but Belair received a babyface reaction. This feud didn’t seem as big as it should be, especially in a Ladder Match.

Belair’s best line was “congratulations, it took you a year to come up with a full plan”.

Backstage, Damage CTRL beat Alexa Bliss and Asuka, but when the crowd backed down, Bianca Belair was upside down in what looked like a scary bump.

Solo Sikoa beats. Angelo Dawkins

Montez Ford was wearing a walking boot and backstage, Jey Uso threatened to put two boots on him. The crowd gasped at Uso’s bar disrespect.

Sami Zayn and Jey Uso were battling for the “solo whisperer” duties.

On a night when both Garganos lost early in their push, I was ready for a potential upset with Solo Sikoa. Luckily for Solo, his winning ways continued.

Edge called himself “Adam” in a backstage promo.

Iyo Sky won. Alexa Bliss

There wasn’t quite as much focus on Alexa Bliss being “lethargic,” but all that Bray Wyatt teasing makes me overanalyze her every move.

There were several false finishes in this match before Iyo Sky finally ended things with the Over the Moonsault.

Interestingly, Alexa Bliss was destroyed between a ladder by Damage CTRL. Asuka was also eliminated. The scenario for this Ladder Match is that Bianca Belair will have no assists. Bayley should be considered the favorite to win.

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