WWE SummerSlam 2021: Key takeaways


Paradise, NV – WWE SummerSlam 2021, considered the company’s second-largest wrestling event, was filled with mixed action. When it was good it was good and when it was bad it was awful. The home of the Las Vegas Raiders hosted over 50,000 fans at the event, being the largest capacity event WWE has seen since 2020 Royal Rumble Event. Let’s review this year Slam summer with this interpretation of the three accounts

WWE SummerSlam 2021 – The 3 counts

One: things change, but they stay the same – the conundrum that is the women’s division of WWE

Here’s the thing: WWE has some of the best female wrestlers on the planet, but they tend to disbelieve so much in the talent they have outside of The Four Horsemen. It was obvious last Saturday.

On the Raw side, although the women’s game was actually one of the best games of the night, the safest choice was Charlotte flair win the gross women’s championship; this extended his reign title to 14, including Divas and NXT Women’s Championships respectively. There is nothing wrong with Flair winning. However, this hinders Nikki ASHis cashed. From the perspective of wrestling fans, what was the real point of ASH taking the Money in the bank briefcase if the plan was for her to lose the title a month later?

Despite mixed reviews of her gimmick, her status as a singles champion was long in coming and a well-deserved song. The gadget was honestly one that could and should have been something WWE could market. The “Almost a Superhero” gimmick was something cutesy in a way. Younger fans can be inspired, but a month-long title reign may have derailed ASH’s momentum unless she managed to reclaim the title as soon as Extreme rules in Columbus, OH.

On the Smackdown side, fans of Bianca Belair are extremely disappointed with the result of losing the title to “The EST” as it did against a comeback Becky lynch.

It’s not necessarily Lynch winning the title that’s really a problem. However, with the importance of Belair winning the title at WrestlingMania 37, losing the title in seconds to “The Man” felt rather lacking in execution, especially the momentum that had been building for Belair since.

This essentially emphasizes the pecking order which is The Four Horsemen versus everyone else.

Two: Bobby Lashley / Goldberg postgame was awkward

As Smack down Color commentator and former NFL punter Pat McAfee said, Gage Goldberg is a sophomore in high school, meaning he was 15.

It means that Bobby lashley just attacked a minor. Granted, it was a move to get some heat on “The All Mighty”. However, there are two issues. One, the crowd has always applauded Lashley because of the part-time element of Goldberg and not wanting him to be champion. Two, at the risk of sounding repetitive, Lashley attacked a minor.

Goldberg and his wife / stuntwoman Wanda Ferraton-Goldberg have given their consent for this to happen, yes. However, that was inconvenient, especially since Gage is not an adult. Of course, this will likely be used to improve the feud in the future, but it also leads to the issue that Raw is thin at the main event level. This rivalry could continue after WWE SummerSlam 2021 and it’s honestly WWE’s fault.

Kick Out: Edge’s tribute to the Brood was a welcome surprise

Edge bring it back Nested-The style entrance was quite fun to see. It was a flashback for the fans.

It showed that Edge will always be one of WWE’s mud-conscious wrestlers, in a sense remembering where they came from.

Three: Brock Lesnar / Roman Reigns was the second most logical feud after SummerSlam

The reason why Brock Lesnar/Roman reigns is the second most logical feud is the adjustable wrench thrown during the build-up between Reigns and Jean Cena, adding the old one NXT and Universal Champion, Finn balor.

Bálor was about to sign a contract for the Universal Championship game. However, due to overbooked shenanigans, Bálor was left out of the Universal title photo. With Extreme rules being 5 weeks old, I don’t think Lesnar / Reigns will perform there. It would certainly be surprising, but it is unlikely.

Bálor should be the next feud for Reigns in Saudi Arabia and Survivor Series season. While Smackdown’s main event is slim, it’s not to the same degree as Raw.

On SmackDown, arguments can be made for Bálor, Seth Rollin, Big, Kevin owens, and even Baron Corbin be in the main image of the event.

Note that the Lesnar / Reigns event was indeed inevitable due to the Paul Heyman links holding this option as a possibility. The question is, why so soon?

Logical reasoning could be related to Survivor Series. Ever since WWE dubbed the show “The Thanksgiving Tradition” in 2016, the night in a year that Raw and Smackdown go head-to-head, a heel-to-heel showdown with the top brass doesn’t seem to make sense.

Let’s look back: a world title has changed hands every year before Survivor Series since 2017. AJ styles win the WWE Championship against Jinder mahal, 2018 saw Daniel bryan end AJ Styles’ more than one year reign for the WWE Championship, and the Universal and WWE Championships have changed as Bray wyatt defeated then-universal champion Seth Rollins in Crown jewel on Halloween of 2019, and Lesnar winning the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston on the inaugural episode of Smackdown on FOX.

The possibility could be either Goldberg as WWE Champion versus Universal Champion Roman Reigns to make up for their WrestlingMania 36 meet. This was supposed to happen, but due to the early stages of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Reigns being a cancer survivor compromised him. As a result, the match was called off and the future “Tribal Chief” was replaced by the then WWE Superstar. Braun strowman.

Another possibility is current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley against Brock Lesnar as the Universal Champion. For the most part, this is a dream match due to the mixed martial arts pedigree they share. Plus, with Lesnar seemingly a fan favorite coming out of Slam summer, smiling more and more and facing “The Tribal Chief”, the match only made more sense.

In all, WWE SummerSlam 2021 was a slightly below average show for what was supposed to be its second biggest event. In fact, it’s been outclassed by Better Shows at the ThunderDome and even as recently as Money in the bank in Fort Worth, Texas.

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